Strengthen. Lengthen. Elevate. Elongate.

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Featuring Cardio Barre ©

Strengthen. Lengthen. Elevate. Elongate.

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At Ventura Barre & Fitness, we cultivate a space of strong bodies, minds, and relationships.

Everyone is welcome, every age, size, and fitness level.


Cardio Barre || Floor Barre Sculpt || Piyo || CB Advanced || Yoga Sculpt || Barre Burn & Sculpt || Yoga || Barre Length & Strength || Stretch & Mobility || Floor Barre Yoga Sculpt

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Featuring Cardio Barre©

The original barre class based on authentic ballet technique!

All our classes at VBF are no impact, high intensity, focusing on elongating your lean muscles while strengthening your core and increasing flexibility.

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We offer a variety of well-known classes and innovative spins with simple, highly effective approaches to fitness and health improvement.

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Our Cardio Barre instructors have a foundation of classical ballet training. They know their craft - making Cardio Barre an experience set apart from any other workout.

But even more important than the class is our community.

We are all here to improve together!

Can’t wait to see you at the Barre!

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