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Our VBF instructors are all highly trained fitness professionals, ready to help you reach your daily and long-term fitness goals!

Cardio Barre requires each instructor to have an experienced foundation of classical ballet training - so our instructors have the expertise to create a fitness experience unlike what you’ll find at any other gym. Not just anyone can teach Cardio Barre - these girls know what they’re doing!

Outside of our Cardio Barre classes, you’ll find our instructors have over 50 years combined experience teaching functional fitness safely and effectively. Our instructors are here to work hard with you, help you reach your goals, and become your life-long friend along the way!




Hi Everyone! My name is Diamonique, but I’m more commonly know as ‘Dymo’. I call Ventura home and can’t imagine being anywhere else. I’ve been a working professional dancer since 2004 and my love for fitness came along with it. I never thought I could combine my two passions into one, but I’m thankful for my VBF family and Cardio Barre coming into my life because it has changed me mentally and physically. Sharing and motivating others with my love for fitness and dance brings me joy, along with watching others achieve their goals - making them see movement and fitness from a new perspective and crave it after they leave. While you set your goals, I will help you make the progress to get there, step by step. Meet me at barre!




Hi, I’m Alisa! I grew up surrounded by sports and activities. Ultimately, I chose ballet and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I try and bring the discipline from ballet into my classes, but in a FUN, less Russian, ‘cane hitting the floor’ kind of way. (Fun fact - it was common for my dance teacher to hit the floor to both count and show her frustration if someone messed up.)

I have been teaching Cardio Barre since 2016. I fell in love with the ballet elements and the overall approachability of the class. I wanted to expand my teaching portfolio and became certified in both Yoga and Yoga Sculpt. 

Come in and take class with me, or just come in and share a fun fact or a story because I like those also! I teach on Saturday mornings at 9:30am and 10:30am, but keep an eye out - I’ve been known to sub here and there.



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Hi, my name is Carrie. I was born and raised in Ventura, and the beach is my happy place for sure.

I took gymnastics, dance, and was a cheerleader at Buena High School. After pursuing a career in cosmetology, I became a hairdresser/makeup artist, started a family, and moved to Thousand Oaks. Eighteen years and three amazing kids later, I found myself starting a new chapter in my life, and took my first Cardio Barre class. I fell in love, not only with the Barre, but taking care of myself and my health, as well. I became a Cardio Barre instructor and am passionate about helping other women feel their best, inside and out. I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of the VBF family and excited to get to know everyone as we continue this beautiful journey together! Thank you!



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I worked as a professional actress and dancer for 12 years in Los Angeles appearing in numerous commercials, TV shows, and films. During that time, I taught Cardio Barre in Eagle Rock (for 6 years!) and loved it! In 2013, I took a break from Cardio Barre, changed industries, and a few years later, became a mom. My family and I recently moved to Ventura County. I currently work in sales and am now teaching Cardio Barre at VBF. I’m excited to meet everyone and be part of the VBF community!




I have been teaching fitness on many levels for 25 years through group fitness in a gym setting, personal training, and working with groups to achieve personal goals such as weight loss and marathon training. I am an AFAA certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. Other certifications include: Yoga, Zumba, Cycle, PIYO, Booty Barre, Barreless, Les Mills (Body Pump, Body Attack, Body Step), and Turbo Kick. I am a mother of 5, and health and fitness is my passion.




I am an E-RYT, RYT 500, RPYT, YACEP holistic (health, lifestyle, business) coach, yoga-pilates-fitness instructor, personal trainer, author, ballroom dancer, group facilitator and founder of several global companies including International Maternity & Parenting Institute, Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals, Business Sanctuary, and Physical Awakening Registered Prenatal Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. I  served as an SBDC small business adviser and a board member of the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce. I am also an entrepreneur, artist, educator, and mother with a multitude of certifications, training, management under my belt and over twenty four years experience. I'm known for my creative, unconventional, cutting edge integrative approach, connecting and bridging many systems and approaches in a variety of industries that have touched thousands of lives throughout forty six countries around the world.


Jamie Lyn

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Hi! I’m Jamie Lyn, owner of Ventura Barre & Fitness. I first fell in love with Cardio Barre back in my hometown of Simi Valley. I bounced around all over the country after high school, but always knew I would love to land in Ventura one day. To me, there’s no better place on earth than Ventura, CA. But, the one thing it was missing was my favorite workout - so I decided to bring it here!! My brother and I decided to become business partners, and this venture has been the biggest joy and challenge of my life. And I love all aspects of it! My main goal when we set out in 2015 - even more than the life-changing fitness - was the relationships that would be developed at our studio, both with staff and clients. To this day that is what keeps me so in love with this job - the people I’ve met and love, and seeing the relationships that form here. Thank you for loving this workout. Thank you for loving our instructors. Thank you for loving each other. Ventura Barre & Fitness has become my home in so many ways. I look forward to watching our family continue to grow and hope for you to be a part if it with us!




Jamie and I opened these doors because we believe that physical-health and strength-of-mind are strongly integrated. If the health of your mind and body rely on each other, that puts great importance on where you choose to sharpen them.

It’s not just about getting a workout. It’s about forging relationships and bonds with people that you look forward to seeing, to pursue your goals together. That’s Ventura Barre & Fitness.

Oh, and me? I’m the proud younger brother of Jamie Lyn. Fitness has always been a crucial aspect of my life. First, as a collegiate then 5 years as a professional football player. After retirement, I committed to a higher form of fitness, one that is balanced, effective, and crucial to longevity, enjoyment, and independence in life.